Nonnatives - Java Sparrow

Java Sparrow - Padda oryzivora


Florida's Nonnative Wildlife. Species detail.

First year: 1950's

Extirpated year: 0

Established status: Species have populations whose status is unknown.

Estimated Florida range: 3 counties  At least 10 years, 3 counties  Not reported breeding

Statewide trend: No current population

Threats to natives: Unknown threat to native species.

Species Account: Native to India and Java, where it is considered an agricultural pest. The United States considers it noxious, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has banned its importation.

Habitats: Central or core urban area, Low density suburban development, areas peripheral to core urban areas, and small towns

County First Year Extirpated Year Breeding status Notes
Brevard 2001   At least 10 years Pair seen building nest in Cocoa Beach (Pranty 2001d)
Dade 1970   At least 10 years Did not persist into the 1980s.
Franklin     Not reported breeding  
Monroe     Not reported breeding  
Palm Beach 1970   At least 10 years Did not persist into the 1980s.
Pasco 1995   Not reported breeding 1 sighted, possible escape, no other reports (Pranty 1995).


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