The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) adopted the Bald Eagle Management Plan on April 9, 2008. The Permitting Framework in the Bald Eagle Management PlanAdobe PDF outlines three types of eagle permits are available through the FWC:

Disturbance permits: For situations where there is a potential for the disturbance or take of nesting bald eagles. FWC Bald Eagle Disturbance Permit ApplicationAdobe PDF.

Nest removal permits: For situations where an eagle nest is causing a threat to human health and safety, a threat to the safety of the bald eagles or their eggs or nestlings, or if a nest is interfering with the use or maintenance of an artificial structure. 

Scientific collecting permits: For research and data collection needs.

Please visit the FWC online permitting site to apply for a bald eagle nest removal or scientific collecting permit. Visit the Protected Wildlife Permitting page for information about how to apply, or contact for additional assistance.

USFWS Eagle Management and Permitting Links

For more information about the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act, as well as current USFWS eagle management and permitting: Website.

Permitting Highlights:

Quick Reference Information for Florida Bald Eagle Regulations
Adobe PDF (448KB)

Guidance to Avoid Disturbing Bald Eagles:
Complete this step-by-step questionnaire to determine if your proposed activity is likely to cause a disturbance to nesting bald eagles. Recommendations on how to adjust your activities to avoid disturbing nesting bald eagles are provided.

Definition of Permitting Terms:
View a list of permitting terms and definitions as provided in the 2008 FWC Bald Eagle Management Plan. 

Bald Eagle Management Plan:Adobe PDF ( 540KB)
View a copy of the FWC Bald Eagle Management Plan adopted at the April 9, 2008 Commission meeting.


FWC Facts:
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