Alligator Hunt License and Permits

New Applicant Overview

The ”public alligator hunt” is one of our most popular limited entry hunts.  Approximately ten thousand applicants will try for one of about five thousand permits to take two alligators during the open season that begins on August 15 and ends on November 1. The public alligator hunt occurs at night, and the harvest areas and hunt dates are specified on the permit.

Each permit authorizes the holder to take two (2) alligators. The number of alligators to be harvested from each harvest area (quota) is determined by alligator population or habitat surveys. The permits will also specify the boundaries or limitations of the harvest area. 

The permits are awarded by a random drawing during Phase I.  This means you can apply any time during the Phase I application period.  Everyone will have the same chances of being awarded a permit during Phase I, regardless of the order in which their application is submitted.

All application periods open at 10 a.m. ET.

Awarded permits that are not purchased in Phase I are sold first-come first-served during the Phase II and III application periods.

The application worksheet showing the permit/hunt choices (harvest areas and periods) for the alligator hunt will be available by mid-April. Customers can review the permit information and will find a link to the worksheet at the bottom of the page when it is available.

Please print and fill out the worksheet before applying.

You can apply online or complete the worksheet and present it to any license agent or tax collector’s office, and they will submit your application for you.

You must be 18 years old by August 15th to apply. 

There is no cost to apply. If successful in the drawing, hunters can purchase their Alligator Trapping License, permit and CITES tags online or at any license agent or tax collector’s office. 

Successful applicants will be assigned to a harvest area and period (specified on the permit) based on availability and the preference they indicated on their application.

All Sales are Final. No Refunds will be issued.  Permits are not transferable.

$272 for Resident Alligator Trapping License (includes 2 CITES tags),
$1,022 for Non-Resident Alligator Trapping License (includes 2 CITES tags),
$62 for 2 CITES tags only (must have Alligator Trapping License that is valid through the end of the hunting season, November 1)

A hunting license is not required.

Permit holders may have alligator trapping agents assist them with their hunt. Agent’s licenses are $52 for residents and nonresidents.  Agent licenses may be purchased anywhere recreational hunting and fishing licenses are sold (how to order).  Agent’s licenses ordered online or over the phone will be mailed to the applicant and may take days to be delivered.

Unlicensed persons can ride in the boat if they do not participate in the activities that involve the take of an alligator.

Boating restrictions are regulated by local or regional governments, and information on those restrictions can be provided only by those entities.  WMA regulations apply when hunting with WMAs. People who receive a county-wide alligator harvest permit can hunt on any area they can legally access in the specified county, but cannot hunt on other harvest units that have their own quota and permit requirements. Alligator trapping is also prohibited in other places, such as State Parks and within incorporated areas.

Guides who are licensed alligator trappers or agents can help permit holders with their alligator hunt. Outfitters and guides can be found on We do not endorse or make any claims to the legitimacy of the vendors listed.  There is no FWC licensing requirements for guides. However, USCG Captain licenses may be required in some areas.

For official regulations and information on the seasons, methods, and fees, refer to the “2013 Alligator Harvest Training & Orientation Manual”.  It is updated each year, but most of the information does not change from year to year.  You will find answers to many questions in the manual. 

Review license, permit and fee information on the Statewide Alligator Hunt Permit information page.

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