Recreational Land Use Permits

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Specific permit requirements and allowed uses differ for each FWC wildlife management area (WMA).  The WMA Regulations brochures summarize the permit requirements for hunting and allowed recreational uses for each WMA.

In the FWC Florida Hunting Handbook, you may find a chart that summarizes the allowed uses and activities, open periods and permit requirements for WMAs.

FWC Management Area Permit

A Management Area Permit or daily use permit is not required for recreational use other than hunting on most WMAs.  A recreational fishing license is required to fish on WMAs unless you are exempt.

A Management Area Permit or daily use permit is required when using Andrews WMA, Three Lakes WMA, Fred C. Babcock/Cecil M. Webb WMA, Chassahowitzka WMA, J.W. Corbett WMA, Tosohatchee WMA, and those portions of Hilochee WMA in Lake County for any recreational activities other than hunting. 

A Management Area Permit is required to hunt on most of the lands owned, leased or managed by the commission. A hunting license is required unless you are exempt.  Limited entry/quota permits may also be required to hunt during certain seasons. 

Additional permits may be required on areas owned by the U.S. Department of Defense.  Cooperating landowners and lead agencies may require additional permits during non-hunting seasons. 

Access may be limited during special-opportunity hunts.  A recreational use permit is required for some areas.  Refer to the WMA brochure for area specific access information.  Areas may also be closed by executive order due to weather conditions, drought, flooding, etc.

Exemptions to the Management Area Permit requirements

The following individuals may be exempt from the management area permit or daily use permit requirements:

  • Persons hunting on Eglin, Avon Park and Tyndall military bases, Apalachicola River Wildlife and Environmental Area and Kissimmee River Public Use Area and Kissimmee Chain of Lakes.
  • Persons using the Florida Trail External Website for through-hiking.
  • Persons who possess a gun on the Osceola, Ocala and Apalachicola WMA shooting ranges for the exclusive purpose of shooting (applies only on the specified FWC authorized shooting ranges).
  • Persons in possession of a special-use permit.
  • Persons in possession of a Statewide Alligator Harvest Permit or as specified in the conditions of other FWC Alligator permits.

Additional exemptions may apply to daily-use permits.

Visit our the Quota Hunt Exemptions web site to find out about specific hunt exemptions.

See the WMA brochure for area specific exemptions.  The FWC's Recreation Web pages also offer "Visitor Info," including permit and fee information for each WMA.

Management Area Permit Fees (Residents and Non-Residents)

Daily use permits and fees

Annual Management Area Permit - $26.50

Five Year Management Area Permit - $126.50

How to Order Management Area Permits

Please refer to the WMA brochure or call the respective regional office of the Commission for more information.

FWC Management Area Special Use Permits

Recreational Use Permits (User Pay) are required for private lands managed by the FWC, these permits allow for hunting and other recreational activities by the permit holders and their spouses or dependent children (under age 16, only one child for hunting).

Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail Camping Permit - Primitive campsites have been established on the Big Bend WMA for use by through-paddlers on the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail.  Paddlers must possess a permit to use these sites.

handicapAlternative Mobility Permit - The permit allows persons with disabilities who cannot walk, or cannot walk without assistance, due to severe and permanent physical disabilities, to drive or be transported by ATV on selected WMAs and wildlife and environmental areas (WEAs) for the purpose of gaining access to a site on the WMA or WEA.

Geocache Permit - To place and maintain a geocache on FWC property.

handicapSpecial Use Vehicle Permit - This allows permanently physically-disabled persons with disabilities enhanced access to hunt on selected WMAs.

Special Event Authorization - This permit is used to request use of, or activities on, management areas and other regulated areas where FWC has primary management authority (see list of “Lead Areas”).

Special Use-Other Permit - This permit allows access to or use of management areas and other regulated areas not covered by a specific permit above that would otherwise be prohibited for a specific activity and/or time period, with the approval of the Regional Director or the area manager. 

handicapAlso, you can apply for a Special Use Other permit if you feel you need an ADA accommodation that is not met by the Special Use Vehicle or Alternative Mobility Permit to access an area.

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