Mobility-Impaired Pre-Hunt Meeting Information

Most of the Mobility-Impaired hunts offered by FWC on wildlife management areas require hunters to attend a pre-hunt orientation meeting.  Topics discussed may include hunter safety, license requirements for hunters, guest hunters and helpers, stand selection, check station hours, gate access, off road vehicle use and other rules specific for the area. Dupuis and Ralph E. Simmons wildlife management areas do not have pre hunt meetings.  Below is the pre hunt meeting information for the other mobility-impaired hunts.  Quota permit holders, their guest hunters, and helpers, should print the information below for their hunts and take it with them to the pre hunt meeting.  Address and telephone numbers for local restaurants and motels are also provided.

Pre-Hunt Meeting Information Adobe PDF

Blackwater Hutton Unit Pre-Hunt Meeting
Blackwater Hutton Unit WMA Brochure


Econfina Creek Pre-Hunt Meeting
Econfina Creek WMA Brochure
Econfina Creek Mobility-Impaired Hunt Area Map


Holton Creek Pre-Hunt Meeting
Holton Creek WMA Brochure


Suwannee Ridge Pre-Hunt Meeting
Suwannee Ridge WMA Brochure


Seminole Forest Pre-Hunt Meeting
Seminole Forest WMA Brochure


Babcock Ranch Pre-Hunt Meeting
Babcock Ranch WMA Brochure


Hickory Hammock Pre-Hunt Meeting
Hickory Hammock WMA Brochure

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