Gulf Hammock Recreational Use Permit

General Information

A Gulf Hammock Recreational Use Permit is a type of limited entry permit that is required in order to participate in outdoor recreational activities on the Gulf Hammock Wildlife Management Area Not a Mobile-Enabled Link. Click "Application Worksheet" at the bottom of this page. Except for hunting, permit holders and their spouses or dependent children may participate in other activities on Gulf Hammock WMA.  The spouse and dependent children must be in the company of the permit holder. Recreational access is allowed only on days open for hunting, the Friday prior to the spring turkey season, and the consecutive Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior to the archery and general gun seasons. Only permit holders and one dependent child under the age of 16 may hunt. Recreational use permits also include a Management Area Permit. Gulf Hammock Recreational Use permits are not valid on other recreational use program areas. 

Recreational Use Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are private lands managed for public hunting and recreation.  Recreational use permits are designed to provide more revenue to these private landowners in the WMA system.  Money set aside by the FWC to compensate those landowners for hunting use on their lands was not sufficient to compete with private hunting leases.  Rather than have these WMAs drop out of the system, the FWC offers Recreational Use permits.  Fees collected from these permits supplement the private landowners, keeping their lands open to the public.  

Before applying for Recreational Use Permits, applicants should check for area-specific updates. These updates are posted at the top of the page in the Gulf Hammock WMA brochure.


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