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WSFR.jpgDo you: Buy fishing gear? Fuel up your boat? Purchase a fishing license? Every time you do these things, you help to improve your fishing experience. You are among the many anglers and boaters who support the Sport Fish Restoration Program (SFR). Every time you see the SFR logo, your money is going towards future fishing and boating opportunities.  You support it, the public benefits from it! Please see the links below to learn more about how SFR began, current and future projects, and free publications and resources.  Also please take the time to fill out our SFR and Angler surveys.  Any information you give us will help us to continue our conservation efforts

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The History of Sport Fish Restoration
This national program, managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS External Website) collects revenue from purchases of fishing-related items such as motorboat fuels and fishing gear and creates recreational sport fishing enhancement projects throughout the Nation. A portion of this money is returned to Florida based on a formula involving the number of individual paid license holders and the amount of coastline.

Where It All Began
When you purchase fishing-related items such as licenses, motorboat fuels, and fishing gear, a portion of funds generated from that purchase goes toward recreational sport fishing enhancement projects throughout Florida. The money is returned to Florida based on a formula involving the number of individual paid license holders.

Sport Fish Restoration Projects
Each year a variety of recreational freshwater and saltwater fishing projects, as well boating access projects are funded with money from the Sport Fish Restoration Program. The project objectives vary each year but often include researching marine and freshwater fisheries research, sport fish genetics, fish management areas, artificial reefs, angler and boater outreach, aquatic resource education, and boating-access improvements.

Boating Access Improvements
Marine boating-access sites have been restored with Sport Fish Restoration dollars.

Sport Fish Restoration FAQs
Do you have questions about Sport Fish Restoration? Read the Sport Fish Restoration FAQs for answers.

Sport Fish Restoration Publications and Web Sites

Visit Web sites related to Sport Fish Restoration (SFR). Order free copies of numerous SFR publications, including boater's guides and our ongoing series of Mark Sosin videos. A summary flyer, Sport Fish Restoration in Florida Adobe PDF, is also available. Or check out the marine fisheries Sport Fish Restoration Adobe PDF flyer.

Event Calendar

Are you interested in attending Women's or Kids' Saltwater Fishing Clinics or Freshwater Fishing Camps in your area? Our calendar of events highlights these and other upcoming SFR-funded activities around the state.


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