DivisionDirector Phone
Law Enforcement Col. Curtis Brown 850-488-6251
Hunting and Game Management Morgan Richardson 850-488-3831
Marine Fisheries Management Jessica McCawley 850-487-0554
Freshwater Fisheries Management Jon Fury, interim 850-488-0331
Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Gil McRae 727-896-8626
Habitat and Species Conservation Kipp Frohlich 850-488-3831
Finance and Budget Jodi Bailey 850-488-6551
Information Technology Glenda Atkinson 850-488-2393
Licensing and Permitting Erin Tindl Rainey 850-488-3641
Community Relations Susan Neel 850-488-4676
Office of Strategic Initiatives Doc Kokol 850-617-9651
Office of General Counsel Harold G. "Bud" Vielhauer 850-487-1764
Legislative Affairs Jessica Crawford 850-487-3795
Inspector General Mike Troelstrup 850-488-6068
Human Resources Emily Norton 850-488-6411

FWC Facts:
American eels are catadromous, which means they live in fresh water but go to the sea to spawn.

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