FWC Employee Disaster Relief Fund Criteria

This is the updated document "FWC Employee Disaster Relief Fund Criteria" revised as of December 2016.

Guiding Principles

1)  Name of the Fund

This is to be called the "FWC Employee Disaster Relief Fund," hereinafter referred to as "EDRF." 

2)  Purpose of the Fund

3)  Eligibility

In order to receive financial assistance from the EDRF, all of the following eligibility criteria must be met:

4)  Administration

5)  Types of Assistance

RD’s will submit recommendations for supplemental assistance to the EDRF Board for review. The EDRF Board will make every effort to ensure that primary assistance needs are met before authorizing supplemental assistance. 

6)  Process for Requesting Funds (for Primary and Supplemental Assistance)

Requests for funding assistance must be directed to the appropriate RD. If the RD is unable to process requests for assistance, these requests should be submitted to the EDRF Board.

 History: Est.: 9/1/2004; Revised: 12/29/2005; 6/14/2006; 6/30/2008; 12/16/2016

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