Disaster Preparedness: Employee Checklist

If your office is being closed, follow the steps in this checklist before leaving. Supplies (plastic sheeting, plastic bags, tape, etc.) are available from your supervisor.

If an employee is unable to comply, the office manager must ensure the space is secured.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the necessary supplies for your employees are kept on site. Office managers must also plan for and ensure all outside items have been removed or secured, as appropriate.

Before You Return

In most cases, the local news media will provide updates concerning office closures. If state offices are reported closed, you should not attempt to return to the office. Once offices are reported open, contact a chain-of-command supervisor to determine if the FWC office, due to damage, is still closed. The FWC website will be updated to report the office closure status, if possible.

If you discover records have been damaged, it is important to evaluate them as soon as possible to avoid losing wet records. Contact the RMLO immediately at the above numbers and email for instructions.

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